Tuesday, 24 June 2014

PETROL/BLOOD Polycount Contest

So my first semester of uni is finished, yay!! :D And now I have time to work on some 3D stuff. A friend and I have decided to participate in a current polycount competition where the aim is to create a diorama of a vehicle and its driver. My friend will be creating the vehicle and I will be in charge of the character.

Our overall theme will be post-apocalyptic/wasteland, think Mad Max. We're heavily inspired by games like Borderlands, Brink and Rage. The character will be a stylized, slightly punk sort of character, possibly with slightly more sci fi elements depending on how the vehicle's design turns out. Here is a moodboard to better translate my idea.

Here are a few quick concept sketches to get the ball rolling. Just trying to work out the proportions of the character's body as well as face design.

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